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Quality Craftmanship Made In the USA

About Us

Experience the legacy of River and Bord, where fine furniture has been meticulously crafted since 1930 in the heart of North Carolina. At River and Bord, our artisans skillfully craft designs that seamlessly blend timeless elegance with enduring comfort, all while maintaining a devotion to detail. Rooted in tradition, our mission is to build lasting connections within your families, through the craftsmanship of our furniture.

Building furniture that enriches your home.


In high-end furniture manufacturing, cutting-edge technology meets timeless craftsmanship to create enduring pieces. Our frames are expertly crafted with mortise and tenon joinery for added strength, while sustainably sourced wood and recycled steel springs prioritize durability and comfort. Each fabric is thoughtfully hand-selected not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its ability to withstand the rigors of daily life, ensuring that every piece is not just furniture, but a timeless investment in quality and longevity.


Our endeavors go beyond merely furnishing spaces; we are committed to creating a sense of comfort and inspiration while enriching lives and fostering a deeper connection with our world.

American Bible Society:

In addition to our commitment to crafting quality pieces of furniture, we are dedicated to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ and making a positive impact on our world. For every order received, we partner with the American Bible Society to provide a Bible to an orphan, extending the message of hope and faith to those in need.

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National Forest Foundation:

Environmental stewardship is integral to our ethos. For every product made, we collaborate with the National Forest Foundation to plant a tree, contributing to the preservation and replenishment of our natural resources. As we sow seeds of faith and sustainability, we aspire for these trees to thrive by the rivers of water (Psalm 1:3), demonstrating our philanthropic initiatives and their sustained influence.

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