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At last, the moment we’ve been eagerly anticipating has arrived. We are thrilled to announce the launch of our newest fabrics, showcasing the unparalleled beauty of Buxton, Avon, Cedar, Mulford, and Bates. With a diverse array of captivating colorways, these fabrics are poised to revolutionize your design projects.

Designed to seamlessly marry aesthetics with performance, our fabrics are the epitome of sophistication and functionality. Whether you’re an esteemed interior designer, a dedicated decorator, or an enthusiastic DIY enthusiast, these fabrics promise to be your ultimate ally in bringing your vision to life.


Are you ready to make a statement with your interiors? Dive into our latest fabric collection today and discover the transformative power of exceptional design. Let’s embark on this exciting adventure together – the world of design awaits!


Technologically advanced with rich cotton pile, this velvet brings luxurious softness to high traffic areas.

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This wool blend seamlessly combines a window pane tonal plaid with a mini herringbone backdrop. While sturdy, this fabric has soft texture and brings an elevated touch to any setting.

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Ideal for high traffic areas, this woven polyester blend features vibrant colors, soft texture, and enhanced durability against soil and stains.

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This whimsical patterned cotton fabric contains rich colors and a soft hand. Showcasing a large botanical print, this fabric effortlessly mixes the earthy tones of brown, green, beige, and blue.

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Different than your normal stripe, this fabric’s woven threads and texture provide an elevated look. Treated with a performance finish this fabric is a versatile staple in any setting.

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